May 28, 2013

3 UPs to Michelle!!!

Well firstly, I'm pretty late. Apologies!

Here's to the blog post I recently read and participated in by Randi lee! It's pretty innovative n' motivating. And so totally a positive-vibes-spreader among the bloggers.

My Upee's  Michelle! n' I read a lodsa posts by him...N' decided he deserves to be given 3 UPs in form of a post.

1UP >>> What an elucidator! I adore the fact that his posts are so not ambiguous n' loaded with too-difficult-vocab. They are clear and written after giving too deep a thought on each subject concerned.

2UP >>> No-Sweat-Layout! The layout of his blog is complicated yet SIMPLE, in a way, despite numerous add-ons, they do not interrupt your reading plus you do not have to make extra efforts in locating where to start n' where to finish.

3UP >>> Diverse subjects! Its quite likeable that he is able to conceive ideas and write about subjects in different fields, whereby I noticed a number of bloggers' brains work towards similar ideation only in all posts.

Cheers to him!! Follow him on the above mentioned link. Happy reading!!!

P.S. : Randi, Thanks a million for giving us this opportunity to say discover appreciative things about someone so random.


  1. Thank you much for these 3-Ups! It's lovely to have "met" you. (I'm a girl, by the way)

    1. Ooopsie! That's a big mistake I made...
      N' ya the feeling's mutual... :)))

  2. Thank you so much for participating in this!!! And excellent Ups, I agree with all of them. You're a star :D

    1. Anytime! It was fun! Looking forward to more of such stuff...:D